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Beer Kegs

Best Beer Keg & Barrel Refills for Your Home Bar

There’s nothing more exciting than having your home bar. For me, the moment I decided that enjoying my beer in the comfort of my home was perhaps the day I felt for the first time, the rejuvenating feeling in my youthful excitement. Finding the best beer keg and barrel refills for my bar was perhaps

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Beer Pumps

9 Best Beer Pump Brands For Home Bars

A recent research conducted by the Campaign for Real Ale shows that out of 1000 beer drinkers, only 15 percent were comfortable with pub rates. Most of them termed it as an “unaffordable luxury” because of the inflated prices. The campaign group warned that in the near future, most pubs would close down because most

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Buyers Guides

Best Wine Coolers For Your Home Bar

Any wine lover will know it is time to get a wine cooler when they start fitting groceries in between stacks of wine bottles in their refrigerator. Also, if you are like me, it might be time to get a wine cooler if you are starting up the collection of serious vintage wines, and there

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Appliances You Should Have In Your Home Bar

It is common for people to throw festive parties at their home, and the host has to ensure that all guests are well served with drinks. If you like holding parties, and have decided to create or build a bar at home, you should know which appliances you should have in your home bar. To

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Buyers Guides

Ultimate Guide To Building A Luxury Home Bar

Building a luxury bar at home is the quintessential dream of both professionals and nonprofessionals alike who are looking to entertain in style or to simply unwind by themselves, with a partner, or with a few friends at the end of a long day. However, most people are perplexed when it comes to building a

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A Guide To Building A Home Bar On A Budget

Going out for drinks is a thrilling and fun way to unwind after a long week at work. However, between juggling those expensive drink prices, and the cost of a taxi ride home, these expenses can add up — which is bad news for your wallet. However, there is another way you can enjoy your

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Bar Accessories

What Should You Stock In Your Home Bar?

So, you have decided to take that never used corner of your home and turn it into a bar. Or maybe you have a man cave and now is the perfect time to really make it that oasis you have dreamed about. Whatever the reason, filling your bar with the essential stock of both home

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Home Bars

22 Home Bar Furniture Items You Should Have

There is a certain appeal to drinking at home. Bar hopping can be exciting and great for an occasional night out of fun. However, it is hard to beat walking only a few steps in the comfort of your own home to stir up a craft cocktail in your home bar. Besides being a great

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Home Bars

Beginners Guide to Creating A Home Bar

Do you aspire to turn your living room or a part of it into a personal speakeasy? You are not alone — almost every adult wants to do the same. Creating a home bar is not as difficult as it may seem to many, especially when you have the right information on what to do

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