9 Best Beer Pump Brands For Home Bars

A recent research conducted by the Campaign for Real Ale shows that out of 1000 beer drinkers, only 15 percent were comfortable with pub rates. Most of them termed it as an “unaffordable luxury” because of the inflated prices. The campaign group warned that in the near future, most pubs would close down because most people are switching to drinking from home.

And now that COVID-19 is here, everyone is looking for the best alternative to chill and have pints from home, while abiding by government directives. So, what else will save your budget, help you enjoy a cold beer in good company, and still keep you safe amid this pandemic if not a home beer pump.

Well, that’s why you need to set up a home bar. But because we are aware it can be an expensive investment, we dug deep to understand the best beer pump brands that you can bring on board for the best drinking experience at home.

9 Best Beer Pumps

Krups the sub draught beer yap – Beerwulf

Are you looking to bring a beer bar or taproom experience right into your home? Then this should be the equipment to go for. To get your beer flowing from the machine, load your beer TORP into the sub, and connect a rubber tube to the tap. Since cold beer will always be the favorite drink, relax for a couple of minutes so it can cool to about 2°C. At this point, you can now add other affiliated beers like Tiger, Heineken, and Birra Moretti.

Say goodbye to disappointments during parties and home gatherings because anyone can use it—it is quite simple. Its compactness, simple assembling, and general design will save your kitchen space big time. From the first sight, you will love its professional, classic look that will add an amazing pizzazz to your kitchen. Better yet, you can choose whatever color that blends perfectly with your kitchen.

Typically, this model holds up to 2 litres of beer. And because each TORP has a capacity of 2 pints, the machine will serve you four full pints or eight half-pints at a go, which again makes a perfect choice for a party.

PerfectDraft Hoegaarden Starter Kit Pump

If you are looking to buy a present for your spouse or any other friend who truly loves beer, here is the ultimate gift. Note that this plug-in machine has a capacity of up to 6l, which translates to about 10.5 pints. So it will quench any thirst. The kit comes with a beer mat, two kegs, and two-pint glasses.

What may seem challenging at first is the assembling, because it consists of a couple of things that come segregated. However, that shouldn’t be the reason you don’t enjoy its cool features. Just follow the simple installation guidelines that come attached in the package and set it up within a short while.

Generally, this machine is simple to use, which is nice. But if you are looking forward to a party, do not wait until the same day so you can cool down your beer. That’s because it can take up to 15 hours to cool to 3°C. So, we highly suggest that you always keep everything set up so that any time you need a pint, you can have one ready.


The pump has both long and short draw systems to help in dispensing beer from cask, keg, or a brew kettle. It operates by increasing pressure in the product dispense line, which then translates the effect to the beer solution. During installation, it is best practice to use a thin I.D. tubing to minimize beer wastage when cleaning the lines.

This pump comes in handy during parties or other gatherings where you need to serve many people because a single keg can dispense up to 5 taps. The feature also helps keep your beer fresh by reducing the number of kegs on tap at each moment.

If you need to pump beer a long distance, consider this your ideal choice because it can pump 30 meters vertically and 244 meters horizontally. Besides, each line can supply up to 3 faucets.

Pint365 Home Beer Pump

Are you the type that hates bottled beer, especially when drinking from home? Or have you been looking for a way to make your meet-ups with friends at home fancier? Either way, you can now wear a smile because a certain beer manufacturer just addressed your issues. Pint365 is purposely designed for use at home at such moments.

The good thing is that you don’t have to be a master to install or use this pump, NO. Anyone can do it. Depending on the color of your décor, you have the freedom to choose between brass, copper, and chrome coatings. That retains the dignity of your home even as you add more assortments to your home.

The package comes with a couple of additional tools to aid in setting up. It consists of a beer engine, drip tray, connection pipes, installation, and user manual, as well as sparklers to help you pour your pint seamlessly.

Apart from the Engine, the machine has other moving parts. For that reason, you will need to keep off children or place it in an isolated place to minimize the chances of accidents. Also, any time you change beer boxes, we recommend that you thoroughly clean your pipes using an Eco-Line Cleaner.

MRbrew Keg Party Beer Pump

This brand understood that luxury means minimal or no work at all. So in their design, they sought to meet that just perfectly. MRbrew has a simple design so that anyone can serve themselves even when inebriated. Forget about a regulator or a gas cylinder. You only need to put your keg in a bucket of ice then pump in your beer. Also, you are free from the pinch that comes with complex manipulations.

The pump is coated with heavy-duty chrome material to avoid corrosion, boost its life, and save your deposit. It is easy to clean, has a long hose, and is exceptionally strong. It works best with American local beer kegs like Sam Adams, Coors, Molson, Miller, Budweiser, etc.

It is neatly assembled to not only save on your space but also improve its usability. Besides, you can dismantle it quite easily at any time for cleaning. The pump is also inflated with CO2 cartridges safely to ensure it is environmentally safe and that it does not alter the taste of your beer.

Pocket Tap System Beer Pump

Even with this pandemic, staying indoors is not very healthy. It is important to organize for a picnic with friends or perhaps a BBQ, but still, observe the set regulations. And of course, you will need some refreshments, right? So, for that purpose, consider a pocket tap the ideal choice for a pump. This model is small and compact to ensure that it takes up the least space when going out. For convenience, always unscrew the rod so you can have it easy when carrying.

If you are planning to order one to drink for a couple of days, you can be sure your beer won’t be affected when you open it for the first time—CO2 cartridges will preserve it for you. So you can be sure to have it fresh even after three weeks!

Like any other standard keg, this model comes with an integrated tap. So, to set it up and have your beer, follow these three quick steps:

  • Insert your hose into the opening at the top of the keg.
  • Have 16g CO2 cartridge in position.

And, voila! You have your beer! Use the thumbwheel to adjust the pressure accordingly.

JMP The Home Draught

Unlike the models we have discussed previously, this JMP product will help you serve your drinks in style. The manufacturer deployed the newest technology to make a tap that instantly changes the taste of your canned beer to add your best flavor. To use it, all you need it just to place the beer bottle into the pump, open the tap, then pour it into your glass. It’s just that simple!

The tap’s nozzle will pour your drink seamlessly into the glass, and when it is up to your desired level, push it back, and enjoy your drink! Typically, these pumps will support the cans of up to 500ml. So, you can be sure anything on your fridge will fit just fine.

If you are looking for a pretty gift to give a friend, spouse, or relative, then this might be one of the best if they love lagers. Its package comes with a booklet to guide you on its operation. It uses a battery for power source, typically 1.5V, 2A.

Taprite PP601 Bronco Keg Picnic Pump

In case pocket tap did not impress you, here is another option for use at home and portable for hangouts. It has a metallic tap at the base to make it more durable and a large button at the top for easy pumping. To ensure there is a seamless flow of beer any time you open the faucet, this model uses an air pump. The assembling of these components is quite simple to ensure you have it easy when cleaning.

At the bottom, it has a pressure release valve that will always come in handy when you need to depressurize the keg. On purchase, it comes with easily operable taps, but you can still replace them if you want to spend more bucks to have those of your preference.

Now, if you are looking for a compact pump that will save space in your living room, Taprite PP601 should come first. It is very slim but sturdy, with only one hose for serving your beer.

BACOENG Stainless Steel 115 Volt Inline Home Brewing System

One of the unique applications of this magnetic pump is transferring hot wort from boil kettle to a fermenter, or an all-grain system. You can safely regulate the pressure of the beer as it flows without causing damages. If you are looking to install a large home brewery, join the community of the BACOENG magnetic pump for the best experience.

The machine is entirely made using stainless steel—the reason why it is FDA compliant. The food-grade material is highly versatile against corrosions by chemicals, which makes it last longer. For the best performance, you need to operate BACOENG below 100°C. Above this temperature, the machine becomes prone to corrosion and abrasion.

Like most of the equipment we have seen before, this machine is easy to use. It has a propeller inside that circulates when the machine is powered to maximize the flow of beer. You can also use it for other purposes such as water treatment, dispensation, and transferring hot liquids from one kettle to another. Its shaft and propeller are magnetically coupled to achieve optimum operating conditions.


From the equipment and appliances we have discussed, it is evident that the report was credible. Many brands have come out to design amazing tools to makes home drinking part of the new normal during and even after COVID-19.

So if you have not installed a home bar yet, you are already missing a lot. But, are you wondering how much they cost? Well, since the functionalities in each of them is unique, their prices from outlets are also different. You can purchase all of them on Amazon or from the original manufacturers.

If you don’t yet own a home beer pump, be sure to purchase one of our recommended products!