Best Wine Coolers For Your Home Bar

Any wine lover will know it is time to get a wine cooler when they start fitting groceries in between stacks of wine bottles in their refrigerator. Also, if you are like me, it might be time to get a wine cooler if you are starting up the collection of serious vintage wines, and there is no cool, dry cellar for long-term storage.

According to my research, have also noted that most of us, wine takers, purchase elaborate wine coolers to trick guests into thinking the wine is fancier and more expensive than it is. After all, nothing says, ‘I am an experienced wine drinker’ better than a proper wine refrigerator.

However, the challenge associated with buying a wine cooler is the high cost associated with it, and when we look at them online, we are subjected to all kinds that look the same. Therefore, it will be prudent on our side to be sure of what we are buying, considering the high cost associated with purchasing such a home appliance.

So to assist us in locating the best wine coolers in the market, we spoke to some wine importers, winemakers, sommeliers, and restaurateurs about wine refrigerators and coolers we can consider buying.

Best Wine Coolers:

Nutrichef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The 18 bottle wine refrigerator presents excellent solutions to us, wine enthusiasts who do not have access to a cool and dry wine cellar, and have small to medium size wine collections. They come in different shapes and sizes, and the available brands can sometimes vary in regards to characteristics, making the buying process a daunting task.

The Nutrichef 18 bottle thermoelectric wine fridge is our best pick wine cooler. Apart from having a 4.4 rating on major e-commerce platforms, it manages to keep your wines’ original aroma with its state-of-the-art cooling system. Also, thanks to its in-built thermoelectric technology, it manages to keep your wines fresh and crisp at all times. The temperature is adjustable using its digital control panel, which is located on top of the cabinet door. To adjust the cooler’s temperature, locate the current temperature setting that is at the center of the LED display, and change it using the up and down touch buttons to adjust the temperature.

The Nutrichef 18 bottle wine cooler automatically locks the temperature buttons after 12 seconds of inactivity. Other cool functionalities found in this cooler include the turning of the interior lighting on and off and the switching of the temperature reading from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

The Nutrichef 18 bottle wine cooler is portable even with its 50-liter capacity. It is possible to fit it under counters, kitchen islands, in offices, and living rooms without taking up much space.

• Quiet
• Sleek and portable design
• Easy to use and manage

• Does not have humidity control
• Some wine bottles do not fit in the rack

Frigidaire 8 Bottle Wine Cooler

As a company, the Frigidaire is a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial appliances, including wine refrigerators. As for the Frigidaire 8 bottle wine cooler, it is one superb wine cooling appliance that is ideal for those of us who are wine lovers and collectors who wish to store a few bottles of their favorite brands in a small and portable unit.

Thanks to its lightweight and portable feature, it is possible to move the unit easily and change its location. Over than being portable, the Frigidaire 8-bottle wine cooler can be placed anywhere in your living room, kitchen as it is built for under cabinets, countertops, floors, and tables.

According to users who have used the wine cooler, it is said to be efficient in cooling alcohol beverages that include wines. This is probably the reason why we are writing about this unit to encourage the wine community to consider and invest in it.

• Quiet, fast, and efficient in cooling
• Easy to use controls
• Removable chrome shelves allow flexible storage and easy cleaning
• Portable and compact
• Stylish design thanks to its double-pane glass door
• Nice ambience thanks to its interior lights

• The interior lights cannot be changed even after they go out

Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller

The Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller is one of the best single bottle champaign coolers that come in a sleek design that looks good at any counter or table. This champaign chiller is designed with our needs in mind considering it can chill up to 6 beer cans at one time or one wine or champagne bottle in just a few minutes.

When interacting with the chiller, we noted that we were only required to get our ice bucket and ice water into the cooler. After inserting two trays of ice cubes, we were able to chill the champagne bottle with just one push of a button. The champagne chiller comes with an automated touchpad that allows users to adjust the time, adjust the temperature, and adjust the setting to user preference.

So how does the Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & champagne Chiller refreshing drinks? The champaign cooler features a unique cooling process that involves the machine rotating the bottle(s) while concurrently spraying them with a jet of cold water. It is possible to chill a 12-ounce beer can from room temperature to 43 degrees in only one minute.

• The cooler is compact and portable
• Can cool both wine bottles and beer cans
• Users can use it to heat baby bottles
• Its steady frame does not allow it to get shaken

• A bit noisy
• Users have to put in ice to cool the drinks

Magic Chef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

Sometimes, we all look for great opportunities to buy goods and services at the most pocket-friendly price. The Magic Chef 12 bottle Wine Fridge is an excellent option for those of us who are looking to save a few dollars. Despite its affordable nature, it looks and works a lot like a top wine cooler. It is just a bit smaller than the regular wine cooler, with a darker glass tint.

However, it shares the same design quality, simplicity, and excellent cooling performance as a top premium wine fridge. Do not despise its modest 12-bottle capacity as it can accommodate a variety of bottle sizes and shapes.

The Magic Chef 12 bottle Wine Fridge features a thermoelectric cooling system that ensures it remains silent with near-zero vibration while working. One of the things I liked about this wine cooler is its three removable shelves, which allow an individual more options if they want to adjust the internal configuration.

Another outstanding feature that caught me unawares was its in-built white LED lights that allow easy visibility of the wine bottles without opening the door. As for the touch buttons, the Magic Chef 12-bottle Wine Cooler has a small LED display on top of the cooler with three simple touch buttons resting next to it.

• Features adjustable legs
• Offers wide temperature range
• Affordable
• 1-year manufacturer warranty
• Low noise
• Excellent customer reviews and rating

• Being a thermoelectric cooler it slightly has a lower-end temperature capacity

Kalamera 30 Bottle Wine Cooler

At first glance, the Kalamera 30 bottle wine cooler presents an image of quality thanks to its attractive design. When I was testing this wine cooler, I noticed that when I took a bottle of wine out of it, I not only drew attention to the wine collection inside the fridge but also the striking design of the fridge itself.

The Kalamera 30 bottle wine cooler comes with an element of luxury and style that is sure to send a message of opulence. It wins the top spot as the best fridge to put all your most prized wine brands as it presents an image of quality in your space. The Kalamera, 30 bottle wine cooler, is an ideal refrigerator for a single zone fridge in the 30 bottle capacity range.

In terms of cooling system operations, this unit uses a high-grade compressor that ventilates from the bottom to ensure all the beverages remain cool. It is tranquil, and it produces only a mild hum while in operation, making it inaudible from other rooms. The manufactures of this unit designed it to prevent harmful vibrations ensuring there is no disruption of the wine’s natural sediments.

• Impressive visibility of the temperature display and labels
• The quality of the compressor unit is high
• Accurate and even cold air distribution
• Easy to fit
• Its sleek design adds character to any room

• Inaccurate temperature display when fully stocked
• 30-bottles result in a tight squeeze in the cooler.

Wine Cooler Buying Guide

Proper wine storage is an essential tradition for us wine lovers, both long-term and beginners, who enjoy getting the most enjoyment out of each bottle. Whether the choice is a freestanding wine cooler for a dedicated wine cellar or an in-built wine cooler for the kitchen, having a wine cooler is the best way to ensure our wines age perfectly while staying fresh. Having an active wine cooler allows us to serve our drinks at ideal temperatures effortlessly while maximizing flavor.

However, with so many wine fridges in the market today, it can be a bit challenging to settle on a wine fridge. There is a lot of things to consider; that is why we have compiled this article to guide us on the best route to follow.

Wine Storage Basics

Wine is a perishable natural product that, unlike democracy, succeeds in darkness and dies in light. It is prudent to understand that wine will eventually spoil if it is not stored correctly. Therefore, wine must always be protected from three significant enemies: vibrations, extreme temperatures, and ultraviolet rays.

What’s the Need for a Wine Cooler?

For wine lovers and collectors, owning a wine cooler is not a luxury; instead, it is a duty. A dedicated wine refrigerator is explicitly built to address the needs of wine. A cooler provides steady temperatures all year round while obstructing excess sunlight while keeping artificial light to a minimum. At present, many wine coolers are built with cooling systems and floating shelves that hinder vibrations.

Wine Serving Temperatures

Maintaining the original taste of the wine is another reason to consider investing in a wine cooler. While the recommended temperature for wine storage is generally at about 40 degrees, the best temperature for serving wine is another story. When it comes to wine serving temperatures, wine is broken into three categories:

  • Sparkling Wines: For champagne and other sparkling drinks, wine experts recommend a 40-degree environment while carbonated drinks are best served as cold as possible.
  • Red Wines: Traditionally, many people prefer serving their red wines at room temperature. However, homes are becoming warmer today in comparison to the past, forcing us to invest in wine cooler that can maintain them between 60 and 65 degrees.
  • White Wines: Most people like their white wines served chilled, but not so much that it losses its delicate taste. White wines are recommended to be served between 50 and 60 degrees.

The reason why a kitchen fridge cannot serve as a great wine cooler is that they usually range at 38-degree, which is too cold for any wine.

How to Set Up and Maintain Your Wine Cooler

Once you have settled on the perfect fridge that will be tasked to keep those red and white wine bottles perfectly chilled, it is essential to ensure you take good care of it. Proper setup and maintenance will extend the lifespan of the cooler for many years.

1. Check the Drip Tray

Most coolers have a small reservoir that catches excess water. Regular cleaning of this tray will save your fridge from a musty smell and water overflow on the floor.

2. Choose the Right Location

A hard, flat, stable surface is the best place to place a wine cooler. According to research, carpets should be avoided as much as possible to avoid complications. If it is a must to put the cooler over a carpet, the purchase of a plastic mat is encouraged to create a more stable base that catches any leaks or drips.

3. Fix Condensation Problems

Most coolers, if not all, experience condensation challenges due to the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the fridge. In the case of condensation, try out silica pieces of bread or baking soda to absorb the excess moisture.