Best Beer Keg & Barrel Refills for Your Home Bar

There’s nothing more exciting than having your home bar. For me, the moment I decided that enjoying my beer in the comfort of my home was perhaps the day I felt for the first time, the rejuvenating feeling in my youthful excitement.

Finding the best beer keg and barrel refills for my bar was perhaps the most challenging part. After many different research, trials, and failures, I have come up with a list of the best there is of the good stuff to fill my home bar.

Kegs come with all shapes and sizes, and the traditional beer keg too big for a home bar. I narrowed my options down to three of the famous barrels that could fit my bar.

Mini Kegs For Home Beer Pumps

This is one of the coolest inventions for beer lovers. It’s not only light to lift but also portable. A mini-keg is a subtle way to relish your beer.

Most Mini Kegs can turn both can and bottle beers from craft beer to draft beer. Smooth, right? These days, a mini keg can carry up to five litres of any brand of beer. Here’s a list of the finest brands and why they are the best.

1. NutriChef Mini Keg

NutriChef has been branded the best in all quarters and is not about to challenge that. It has a large capacity for its small size and can carry up to 64 ounces of my favourite brand.

It may be considered the best due to its very affordable price or the fact that it can keep my beer fresh for at least two months, which is remarkable.

The reason why it can stay fresh that long is because NutriChef is pressurised and also equipped to keep the beer vacuum pressed. To say this is a must-have if I want to enjoy a chilled beer served entirely in the comfort of my home.

2. YaeBrew Keg

It’s certainly a cool toy to own. YaeBrew is a 2.6-gallon keg and a home brewing machine that won’t disappoint. It’s a lightweight and made of stainless steel and to top that, has its CO2 tanks to make sure that your beer is fizzy and ready for consumption anytime I have a company or just enjoying my own company.

Some brand YaeBrew as the best in the home brewing innovation, and who am I to argue? It keeps the beer chilled to your liking and does not require much in any of maintenance or installation. It is totally on my list of the toys I like.

3. Lamtor Growler Barrel

Now, this is a gem to own. It has an exhaust valve that allows regulation of pressure to meet preferences and super easy to use. This Mini Keg is stainless steel and easy to move around.

It is probably the cheapest cool toy I have come across. It fits into the budget correctly, and if I have it, I am showing it off when I have a party.

It is small enough to fit on the bar counter and the kitchen table if I have guests.

Draught Keg

Draught kegs have a capacity of at least 5 litres, which is about 20 half beers. The best thing about this is that it does not need any appliance to keep the beer fresh and ready anytime I pass by the home bar.

It’s also one of the easiest to use as it’s self-sufficient and does not need a tap. These are certainly smartly designed aluminium kegs.

Draught Kegs come in a variety of brands and honestly speaking, is what I need.

1. SUB Kegs

It gives what I consider a real bar experience, even when I am alone. These kegs come with taps that you can install to use. There’s so much you can get with SUB Kegs. The capacity might be about 2l only, but the brands are mind-blowing.

They range from wheat beers to lager, and there’s even a Heineken Edition. Crazy, right? Crazily amazing is what I call this. I can also tune-up more than one brand and make the best combination in history.

2. Blade Kegs

With a capacity of 8litres, which is 30 half beers, my beer run is put off for a while as I sample a little of this brewery-fresh beer at home. I love most about blade kegs because they’re easy to set up and unnecessary maintenance. And get this, it requires no extra set up cost. It’s a do it yourself kind of stuff because it’s super easy.

Another super cool thing about it is the shape that allows it to take as little space as possible.

The easiest way to have a beer keg refill is to use a dispenser, a modern barrel. With the advance in innovation and technology in all fields, even breweries and enjoying a perfect experience with having a beer at home require this upgrade.

Sure, it may be a bit costly now, but thinking of all the long term savings I can make, I think it’s a worthwhile upgrade. Here’s a list of some of the best there is and what will be sure to make my beer drinking days even the merrier.

The customer service at Blade is great. They are always on hand to offer advice and assistance.

3. Perfect Draft Hoegaarden

Perfect Draft has come quite a long way and now makes what I consider classy machines that perfectly serve my needs. This beast of a machine is an all-rounder that ensures my beer chills to 3 degrees, unlike typical refrigerator, which only cools up to 6 degrees.

The remarkable thing about this investment is that apart from the machine itself, it comes complete with 2 Kegs and for someone like me, a tiny bit messy, a beer mat.

It also comes handy with 2-pint glasses. Despite what I thought at first considering that I am not big on tech, it was quite easy to connect into the casing and to put the tap. The excitement was at a peak when it was time to pour, and the experience was terrific.

4. Brew Barrel home-brew kit

I was dumbstruck, finding out that I can have up to 7 varieties, including wheat beer, which happens to be an old-time favourite of mine.

The most unusual thing was perhaps that all I had to do was pour water to the ingredients and store in the correct temperature for up to 5 days before refrigerating. I mean, how cool is that? I can certainly now have my own home beer pump refill.

I think that I don’t have to collect all those beer bottles after a get-together and how much I plan to brag at my beer-making at master level skills.

5. Philips Perfect Draft

This machine is also a fantastic dispenser. It gets the beer just perfectly as if it was done by a professional. It’s a plugin the device and therefore does not precisely need CO2 to keep the beer pressurised.

Though initially, it was for bars and restaurants, this machine is great for a home bar, and besides, it’s effortless to use. Upon purchase, you get two glasses and one Keg.

For a beer keg refill, it can hold up to 6 liters and compatible with at least 30 brands, including Leffe and a particular one I like, Juniper.

One of its outstanding features is the LED Displays that show how much beer is left and the temperature that it’s at to allow alterations. This machine is so far the coolest one I’ve seen at someone’s home.

6. Compact Beer Dispenser

This gem here keeps beer fresh for at least two weeks send a 2-litre capacity. It is undoubtedly the best dispenser for a small space home bar and keeps the beer perfectly chilled at 2 degrees compared to the 6 degrees in fridges.

It is also compatible with over 25 brands like LaChouffe and Tiger.

7. Klarstein

This home beer tap ensures that the beer served is fizzy, ice-cold to precision, and maintains original taste like pub experience. It has a 5 litres capacity and a supplied CO2 to keep the beer fresh. This beer keg can be at a local brewery.

8. Ice Core

The Ice Core is a cheap yet classy enough dispenser originally for beverages but can serve beer just as finely and has a 2.5 litres.

All you need to do is fill the center with ice, and it keeps your beer perfectly chilled, especially when there’s a party. It is a must-have for my home bar.

Well, that is the list that makes me crave an ice-cold beer right now.

The best home bar needs to have at least one in that list or two. What better way to enjoy the best the world has to offer at the comfort of home than to have a drought beer without the worry of picking up after myself later because the cans are all over the place.

Besides, there’s always a way beer you served yourself tastes better than what others help. And to make things even better, nothing can go wrong when you handle your beer yourself. Instead, things can only get better and the times even more fun than ever before. A good beer is undoubtedly an experience I need after a long day at work or an hour stuck in a traffic jam.

Having a home beer pump refill is also way cheaper than the expensive stuff served at the pub. I spend less and can have a beer anytime I feel like it without having to go outside.

A home beer pump refill also ensures that I don’t run out without really being aware, and I get to drink as much as I want without worrying without the bills. At home, to turn up the notch a little, I put on the game, serve my beer, and stay up as late as I want without worrying about getting home. Well, because I am already back.

A keg refill business ensures that the beer is in a pressurised keg without unwanted frothing at the top, which means more beer than foam if you ask me.

More and more people agree that a beer you serve yourself is undoubtedly better than drinking out of the can or a bottle. This trend has picked up over the years, making the business of beer keg refill a part of the beer lovers’ community.

I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy themselves the same way they would have but just at the comfort of your home. With an all, you can serve beer at that!

Having a home bar is one of the things that certainly everyone would want. It’s that part of the house that I can go to without worrying about the world.

Family and friends coming over for a drink can make things more exciting and cheap if you all chip in to fill the bar.